Is That Bathhouse Wheelchair Accessible?

I just read this strange, yet enlightening article in NOW Magazine: Acsexxxability Activists Take Bath.

Who knew there was such a niche party-market as “sex-and-disabilities?” Apparently it has been problematic finding a bathhouse that’s both accessible and sex-positive. I guess if you can’t get there you can’t do it. But does that limit these people to doing the nasty only with other disabled people? Would “abled” people (that must be the opposite, right?) attend a party entitled Acsexxxable?


Here’s my favourite quote: “I want to be the girl you picture naked,” says the voice-over of Loree Erickson’s Want, as intense making out occurs onscreen between her (in a wheelchair) and another woman.

One Response to “Is That Bathhouse Wheelchair Accessible?”

  1. baliwhat Says:

    Ha…innnnteresting. btw, opposite (I guess) of disabled= TAB, temporarily able bodied 🙂

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