Do I Look Like I Have $ to Donate?


I’m wondering how many total “volunteers” there are around the city, canvassing for donations to SickKids Hospital, Greenpeace, the Red Cross, etc. etc.  It seems to me that philanthropy is something that you can’t really push on somebody.  If someone feels that they’d like to donate money or time to a cause, they’re going to find a way to do so.  My guess would be that a very low percentage of the people that pass these people trying to get into med school volunteers actually stop to talk with them, and an even lower proportion decides to give anything.  I don’t even think they accept cash donations (example: the change in your pocket) and want a credit card # or nothing.  Pfft.  Are these donation drives ever going to end???  I’m tired of feigning disinterest.


3 Responses to “Do I Look Like I Have $ to Donate?”

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