Real Geography vs. Toronto Geography

Okay, since recently moving, I often think about how much I love living in close proximity to both Little Italy and the Portugal Village.  Both Italians and the Portuguese are warm, friendly neighbours and you can always count on seeing a great lean or somebody hosing down the sidewalk.  Sure enough, just as I’m thinking this, I look out the window of my sunroom and the woman next door is diligently soaking the concrete.


God, I love this part of town.  Why aren’t Italy and Portugal beside each other in the real world?

2 Responses to “Real Geography vs. Toronto Geography”

  1. amanda Says:

    Isn’t there a city wide watering ban on???

  2. stephanie Says:

    I used to live in Toronto, in and around portugal village – the distinctive thing for me is the replacement of rotting wooden banisters and railings around porches with swirly black metal ones – very visible in your picture!

    Have you ever seen the Greek palace on Shaw Street, just south of Dupont, and just north of the row of drunken houses falling into a subterranean river…? Best house in Toronto…

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